The Musical Jewellery Box

About us

Located in Sydney Australia, The Musical Jewellery Box sells delightful music boxes, just music boxes! Music boxes for girls, music boxes for boys. We have a wonderful range from fairies and fairy tales to ballerinas, carousels and more.

The Musical Jewellery Box is Australia’s largest online retailer of children’s wind up music boxes.



Feel free to call me on 9979-4391 during normal business hours, just ask for Maddie or email customerservice

Music Boxes

Music Jewellery Box Gallery View our gallery of delightful girls music boxes, gorgeous designs and beautiful music. You will be enchanted by …
Ballerina Jewellery Box The ballerina musical jewellery box is a must have for any little ballerina. The ballerina music box twirls to the sound of Swan Lake …

What’s New?

If you’re looking for some colourful music boxes for younger kids, we’ve just added a range of smaller music boxes from Djeco and Trousselier.

Customer Service

We’re not quite available 24/7,
but we can help you during
normal business hours,
just call and ask for Maddie.
Open 7:30 to 5:00 PM
Monday to Friday 7:00 to 6:00
PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time


[email protected]
ph: 9979-4391
Newport Beach Sydney Australia 2106


Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of Australia.