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Music Box Gallery

The music box gallery is where you will find all your favourite music boxes, ballerina, carousels, fairy music boxes and more. All our music boxes are grouped by style or theme. For example, our love heart music box features a cute little heart motif as does the strawberry and flower design music box. Both will be found in the Love Heart category, the strawberry and flower music box will also be found in the Flowers category as it features flowers and hearts.

Music Box Theme - Animals

Love puppies, love walking in the field with your dog? Maybe you like kittens or horses, our Animals music box gallery is where you'll find all our jewellery boxes with animal themes.

Gorgeous wooden musical jewellery box featuring a cute little cat playing her Cat's song on her guitar. Beautifully illustrated by Fiona Hewitt with a backdrop of yellow, red and pink.

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This is a purrrfect musical jewellery box for anyone who delights in watching kittens play and frolic, The Enchantmints Curious Kittens musical jewellery box features little kittens frolicking and playing around the house, made from wood


Love puppies, love walking in the fields? You'll love this gorgeous Enchantmints Puppy Love musical jewellery box, the music box features cute little puppies exploring and frolicking in the forest. The jewellery box has 4 little drawers in each corner

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Wind up the key at the back of this gorgeous Pets themed musical jewellery box, lift the lid and watch the sweet puppy twirl to the music of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". The inside features a large compartment and an oval shaped mirror.