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Music Box Gallery

The music box gallery is where you will find all your favourite music boxes, ballerina, carousels, fairy music boxes and more. All our music boxes are grouped by style or theme. For example, our love heart music box features a cute little heart motif as does the strawberry and flower design music box. Both will be found in the Love Heart category, the strawberry and flower music box will also be found in the Flowers category as it features flowers and hearts.

Music Box Theme - Birds

This gallery features all our music boxes with birds, wonderful prints and designs in a wash of colours. Beautiful artwork by Denise Marshall, Janod and other talented artists.

This exquisite children's musical jewellery box has been finished with a delicate blue and white floral design with painted flowers and framed Aiko. Open the music box and turn the wind up mechanism to see the colourful Aiko figurine twirl to the music.

The Djeco Music Box Poetic Tree is a wonderful tree shaped music box featuring a little drawer at the bottom. Just turn the key, open the box and watch the dancing bird twirl to the tune of "Santa Lucia". A quality music box that is sure to be treasured.

Delightful wooden musical jewellery box featuring a lovely princess sharing a song with her bird friend. Beautifully illustrated by Marie Desbons with a background in purple with strawberries, flowers, butterflies and birds.

Gorgeous music box featuring a cute little bird with bird footprints on the top of the box and bird footprints around the sides. Wind the back and open the box to watch the ballerina twirl to the music.

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Thumbelina's Swallow Music Jewellery Treasure Box. The music box features endearing illustrations in a gentle wash of patterns and colours. Open the box to see a beautiful swallow on a flower twirl to the sounds of Fur Elise.