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Music Box Gallery

The music box gallery is where you will find all your favourite music boxes, ballerina, carousels, fairy music boxes and more. All our music boxes are grouped by style or theme. For example, our love heart music box features a cute little heart motif as does the strawberry and flower design music box. Both will be found in the Love Heart category, the strawberry and flower music box will also be found in the Flowers category as it features flowers and hearts.

Music Box Theme - Fairies

Be enchanted by the magical powers of fairies as they go about fluttering above the flowers and forests or riding on the backs of owls. Enjoy a cupcake as you listen to their stories of times gone by and spells cast. Our Fairies Music Box Gallery has some of the most delightful and engaging jewellery boxes on our website.
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A stunning music box with a gorgeous fairy. Turn the key, open the lid and watch the fairy turn to the music of "The Time of the Cherries", by Antoine Renard. A quality wood box that is sure to be treasured for years.

Love the days of summer walking barefoot through the fields listening to the birds and watching the butterflies flutter over the flowers? The Enchantmints Summer Sunshine musical jewellery box features delightful illustrations by Denise Marshall

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This delightful music box is covered in beautiful illustrations in a gentle wash of patterns and colours featuring little wrens. Made from wood it has four drawers, perfect to storing all your tiny treasures and jewellery.

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Watch a beautiful fairy dance and twirl to Beautiful Dreamer. With four drawers, including a secret one at the back, ideal for stashing all your special treasures and jewels. Made from solid hardwood and specially designed to be cherished for years.

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Beautiful Fairy Blossom Musical Jewellery Box with a pearl like handle. Wind the key and open the lid and watch the fairy twirl to the music Waltz of the Flowers. The inside features a large compartment covered in a purple velvet-like lining.

Beautiful Fairy Blossom Musical Jewellery Box with a pearl like handle and feathers. Wind the key and open the lid and watch the fairy twirl to the music, The Nutcracker. The inside features various compartments covered in a soft pink velvet-like lining.

Music Treasure Box Spring Burst. Delightful Music Box featuring fairies amongst the springtime blossoms with a colourful array of butterflies, birds and a rainbow. Specially designed to be cherished for years. Watch the fairy twirl to the sound of Vivaldi