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The music box gallery is where you will find all your favourite music boxes, ballerina, carousels, fairy music boxes and more. All our music boxes are grouped by style or theme. For example, our love heart music box features a cute little heart motif as does the strawberry and flower design music box. Both will be found in the Love Heart category, the strawberry and flower music box will also be found in the Flowers category as it features flowers and hearts.

Music Box Theme - Story Book

Love children's stories about Princes and Princesses, castles, voyages in magic boats, our storybook gallery is where you'll find it all.

Gorgeous Prince and Princess Music Box. A fairy tale castle surrounded by green pastures, a beautiful princess dancing with her handsome prince Invitation to the Dance playing softly in the background

The Owl and the Pussycat Music Jewellery Treasure Box. What an absolutely gorgeous music box, something to be treasured for years! The Owl and the Pussycat music box is made from solid hardwood and has four drawers to store all your bling.